I am officially building a neighborhood

As the year comes to a close, my New Year’s celebration is kicking off a bit earlier than usual because today marks the beginning of a new chapter. We are officially building the Shiloh Park Neighborhood & Vineyard which is a housing project focused on community design, friendship, and family.

We just bought 8.1 acres in Redding, California so we can build 21 homes in a community that makes human connections easier where we live. I spent the last 10 years building Mindbox Studios, a custom software consulting firm, and helped launch over 100 startups, but that isn’t exactly the same thing as staking, grading, and pad sites. As a California native, I moved to Redding from Cincinnati, Ohio with hopes finding a the right place to build something special with friends.

Introducing: Shiloh Park Neighborhood & Vineyard

Conceptual Site Plan by  Sharrah Dunlap Sawyer

Conceptual Site Plan by Sharrah Dunlap Sawyer

Here’s a peek at our site plan carving out 3 acres of common space for a large pool, natural playground, walking trail, and gathering spaces, as well as the architecture elevations. Our design and vision for this neighborhood is inspired by Ross Chapin’s Pocket Neighborhoods model, Co-Housing, and Christopher Alexander’s Pattern Language.

Architecture by  Ryan Russel l

Architecture by Ryan Russell

This is a special project for many reasons. The most important among them is that the future Shiloh Park Neighborhood & Vineyard is where I plan to raise my children for the next several years. Six of my good friends are also building a home here, and by this time next year up to eight new families will be celebrating the holidays in their new, modern farmhouses a few blocks from the Sacramento River along the eastern edge of the Trinity Alps. That’s why I’m doing this. And that’s the picture I’m looking forward to sharing with you.