The Story


A dream to build a neighborhood with friends

For nearly ten years, Joshua Johnson and his family experienced a unique and special connection with neighbors in Cincinnati, Ohio prior to moving to Redding. They often shared meals, frequent visits on the front porch, and adjoined backyards for easy playdates. It was a lifestyle they stumbled into but now couldn't imagine living without.

Then Joshua began noticing how most traditional neighborhoods made it extremely difficult to achieve spontaneous, human interactions. He saw subdivision after subdivision place new homes on large lots with set back front doors and three-car garages. As designed, most residents in these communities would drive into their garages, close the door behind them and never connect with a neighbor unless solicited by a Girl Scout for cookies.  

This led Joshua to study urban planning, landscape architecture, and research some of the best master-planned communities in the U.S. and abroad. All of this ultimately inspired the epiphany that intentionally designed neighborhoods could encourage more of these human connections. But the magic isn't just in the design, it was in the partnership with others who also desired these same connections.

Shortly after Joshua and his family moved to Redding in 2015, they met six families that shared the dream of living in a neighborhood that was more connected and human. While some people are looking for more space and privacy, there are others that hope for accidental run-ins with neighbors, playmates for their children, and friendly community.

And that's what Shiloh Park strives to become for these founding families and others who decide to join them.